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Hi, My name is Vinh Ly and I believe that you can’t always get what you want, but you can get more with Persuasion

Billion dollar influence

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You're not just purchasing a book... You're investing in persuasion.

Foolproof Persuasion

The Visual Guide To Influencing Others Without Ever Being Wrong

Stop trying to persuade people by telling them what to do. By learning to ask the right questions, you will not believe how easy persuasion actually is.


Over 1,000 readers regularly trust Vinh.Co to improve their Persuasion skills

Morganne Hirsch

Morganne Hirsch


Vinh is a talented enhancer and a fast thinker. He transforms everything he touches into gold. Magic!

Rintu Basu

Rintu Basu

Bestselling author of "The Persuasion Skills Black Book"

Vinh’s experiences give him a unique slant on persuasion. I have rarely seen this amount of creativity and imagination in getting a message across.

Thierry Perrocheau

Thierry Perrocheau

CEO of Mecoconcept

Vinh is a genius. We raised more than $500,000 thanks to him!

Steve Booth-Butterfield

Steve Booth-Butterfield

Bestselling author of "The Complete Idiot´s Guide to Persuasion"

Vinh Ly’s visual approach packs the punch you need to grab his ideas in one look. His pictures are worth the proverbial one thousand words… and the time you save.

David Straker

David Straker

Owner at

Splendid site teaching persuasion through cartoons!

Best selling author featured in ..

About Vinh

Persuasion Is My Addiction

I’m passionate about many things and I bring my unique blend of improvisational theatre, magic, hypnotism, pickpocketing, marketing and persuasion skills.

I used to be a marketing manager for private jet manufacturer, now I want to build a lifestyle that allows me to own one.

About Vinh

Don’t be a stranger. We are just getting started.

I hope you have realized how important persuasion is. If that is the case, I'm sure I'll see you around.

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From selling private jets to writing books and performing magic, I explore all avenues of Business, Marketing and Persuasion

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Conversion venture

The Apprentice (France)

Watch me using persuasion on national TV

There was an adaptation of theis famous TV show in France. Guess who was a contestant on the first season?

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